John Calipari’s interview with Stephen Colbert is hilarious

April 24, 2014

Stephen Colbert’s guest on “The Colbert Report” was Kentucky Coach John Calipari, who has been on a seemingly endless tour promoting his new book ever since the NCAA championship game.

Colbert managed, in a few minutes, to skewer the NCAA and address the idea of one-and-done, the notion of feeding athletes, whether college players should unionize and a recent interview in which Bill O’Reilly asked Calipari about athletes and hip-hop and rap.

It’s a beaut. Colbert’s introduction: “I’ll interview him for one minute and turn pro.”

There’s a one-and-done joke involving Viagra, and, when Calipari says he’d like players to stay in college for two years, Letterman’s successor coins the phrase “two-and-toodleoo.”

Which actually isn’t bad.

After spending most of her career in traditional print sports journalism, Cindy began blogging and tweeting, first as NFL/Redskins editor, and, since August 2010, at The Early Lead. She also is the social media editor for Sports.
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