This awesome rugby try looks a lot like Percy Harvin’s Super Bowl touchdown

April 26, 2014

On Friday, rugby player Greg Inglis of South Sydney scored what’s being hailed as one of the greatest tries (translation for the non-rugby crowd: a touchdown, basically) in the history of the sport. Or the Australian history of said sport, at least.

Inglis fields the ball on a hop at his 11, then avoids tackles by what appears to be the entire Brisbane squad while angling toward the left corner for the score. If that sounds familiar, that pretty much describes the return Percy Harvin made for the Seahawks at the start of the Super Bowl’s second half. The NFL won’t allow us to embed its video, but here’s a youtube clip narrated by Some Guy.

Oh, and the nickname of Brisbane’s rugby team? The Broncos. (South Sydney’s, for what its worth, is the Rabbitohs, which doesn’t sound nearly as intimidating as Seahawks. No wonder they barely won the game.)

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