CNN’s photo fail: Network uses Charles Barkley’s mug shot from ’08 arrest while analyst talks Donald Sterling

April 27, 2014

(Getty Images)

It’s one thing for ESPN to have John Wall in an outdated Wizards uniform as its go-to file photo. It’s decidedly worse that CNN grabbed a mug shot of Charles Barkley from his 2008 arrest for DUI, even as the network was having the NBA legend/TNT analyst comment on the Donald Sterling scandal Saturday.

And it’s definitely worse that this isn’t even the first time CNN used that image:

Perhaps a new round of mockery will prompt CNN to start using a different photo, which shouldn’t be hard, considering that there are hundreds of them out there, most of which don’t show a major sports figure gracious enough to provide your network with some insightful commentary at one of his life’s low points.

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