Ryan Braun hits a teammate in the face with his bat

April 27, 2014
Too late, Ryan -- the damage is done. (Morry Gash/Associated Press) Too late, Ryan — the damage is done. (Morry Gash/Associated Press)

Most of the damage Ryan Braun does with his bat is either to baseballs or to his own reputation. But on Saturday, Braun managed to nail one of his own teammates. The Brewers’ outfielder was practicing his swing on the top step of the dugout when he accidentally hit Milwaukee shortstop Jean Segura in the right side of the face.

Segura had to leave the game immediately, missed Sunday’s game and is doubtful for Monday. As it happened, Braun suffered an injury of his own later in the game, and he also missed Sunday’s game and may sit out some more. But Braun’s injury is an intercostal strain — had to look that one up, it’s a strain of muscles between the ribs — which doesn’t sound nearly as bad as getting whacked upside the head by a baseball bat swung by one of the game’s foremost sluggers.

Of course, if that sounds bad, it looked even worse. Hey Ryan, ever heard of the on-deck circle?

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