Europeans discover one thing missing from soccer: big inflatable bubbles

So many questions here.

1. So they’ve invented a form of soccer that has fewer goals than real soccer?

2. How much does each “bubble” cost?

3. Are there red/yellow cards? The players seem encouraged to commit fouls.

4. How has the Overprotective Parents of America (membership topped 300 million at last meeting) not gotten wind of this yet, wrapping all their precious little snowflakes in bubble wrap writ large during their athletic endeavors?

5. They Mighty Mighty Bosstones are still at it, and apparently singing in Italian. (I realize this isn’t a question.)

This New York Daily News story from December answers some of these questions.

Bubble Football is the creation of Lee Moseley, 30, who used to work as an asbestos surveyor but packed in his day job to set up his dream company.

The game sees 14 players encased in a zorb-like inflatable bubbles and then encouraged to bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the ball. …

Costing up to £400 for a whole day with 14 bubble suits, Lee’s latest creation is in high demand and a giant tournament with 34 teams will be held in December.

6. What is a “zorb”?

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