10-year-old Jaden Jones is still on track to become the next LeBron James

(Rhona Wise Cobis/EPA)

Jaden Jones, 10, gained national attention last fall when the Fox affiliate in Dallas did a story about the fifth-grader at Lee McShan Junior Elementary school. The basketball phenom is so good that even George Mason University tried to get in his ear, CBSSports reports, although Jones’s dad Jerel told Fox the letter served a more benign purpose.

“[George Mason] didn’t give him an offer like a firm offer to come to the school. It was just a letter for him to, you know, keep his grades good in school which has worked. Since he got the letter, he’s gotten good grades and it’s just been a good thing. It’s a fun thing.”

Well, George Mason might want to considering giving him an early offer because it seems Jones just keeps getting better, as evidenced by the latest footage to surface this week. Take a look. Good thing LeBron James will likely be retired by the time Jones might reach the NBA, otherwise he’d have to take note. This kid’s got game.

Marissa Payne writes for The Early Lead, a fast-breaking sports blog, where she focuses on what she calls the “cultural anthropological” side of sports, aka “mostly the fun stuff.” She is also an avid WWE fan.
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