Here’s what happens when you put Michael Jordan in a room full of elementary school students

(Chuck Burton/AP)

For those of us who’ve ever tried to explain the concept of, say, a floppy disk or a Walkman to a child who, in turn, looks at you like you’re ancient, this clip showing the previous generation’s No. 1 basketball star surprising a group of children is the best.

Michael Jordan still has it! (And adults can feel young again.) The basketball legend visited Hornets Nest Elementary in Charlotte to help unveil a new fund for classroom innovations.

The teachers, aka those who remember floppy disks and cassette players, were pretty stoked, too. “I was not expecting it. I thought I was going to pass out,” Michelle Fox-Massey told The Lake Wylie Pilot after sharing a hug with Jordan on stage. “He is an icon.”

(H/T: USA Today)

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