NBA free agency roundup: LeBron’s gone fishin’

July 2, 2014

It seems that Dwyane Wade, left, and Chris Bosh are just like the rest of us — waiting to find out what happens with LeBron James, right. (El Nuevo Herald, David Santiago via Associated Press)

Are you ready for some NBA free agency?! Hoo boy, have we got some … sorry, we just don’t have much right now.

We do have Patty Mills signing with the Spurs on a reported three-year deal. This is good news for both sides, as Mills recently suffered a shoulder injury that will keep him on the shelf for about seven months.

Jazz small forward Gordon Hayward, a restricted free agent,  is visiting the Cavaliers, which is funny because he said in February that Cleveland was his least favorite NBA city. Here’s what he told jazzfanatical:

“Cleveland to me is like Gotham City. It’s, like, so dreary, and just, I don’t know, and then ever since LeBron left, I mean, the fans, they’re starting to pick up a little bit more, but I remember my rookie year, there was hardly anybody there.”

Oof, Gotham City, and you just know Hayward meant the gloomy, “Dark Knight” version, not the swinging, Adam West version. Still, if the Cavs bestow enough millions on Hayward, he can always say he was making like the Joker about all that.

Carmelo Anthony visited Houston, which honored him by hugely dissing current Rocket Jeremy Lin. Anthony is reportedly set to visit Dallas next, so maybe the Mavericks can find some equally creative way of insulting newly acquired Tyson Chandler.

Mostly, the world is waiting to see what happens with the Heat. Apparently, that includes the “Big 3″ itself; ESPN reported that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are not sure what LeBron James will wind up with. Meanwhile, we have this important update on LeBron:

It appears that the King has taken his talents to a fishing boat somewhere, possibly near South Beach, possibly near Gotham City. Either way, it doesn’t look like LeBron is sweating out this process much right now.

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