David Beckham knew Neymar as a kid

(FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

This will remind you just how young Neymar truly is. David Beckham posted a bunch of pictures of himself and the 22-year-old Brazilian superstar, to wish him a quick recovery. Neymar is currently in Sao Paulo recovering from a fractured vertebra that he suffered when Colombia’s Juan Camilo Zuniga kneed in the back in an uncalled foul.


Awww, it’s Baby Ney! (He’s adorable.)

As for actual news now, FIFA decided not to punish Zuniga for the sloppy foul, Reuters reports. In a statement, FIFA said (via Reuters):

“After an analysis of the matter and the extensive submission and documentation received from the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), the chairman came to the conclusion that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee cannot consider this matter in light of the conditions outlined in the FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC) for the Disciplinary Committee to be able to intervene in such a situation.

In particular, in this specific case, no retrospective action can be taken by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, since the incident involving the Colombian player Juan Camilo Zuniga Mosquera did not escape the match officials…”

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