Woman dodges kiss on podium from Tour de France leader Vincenzo Nibali

(Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters)

This is just cruel. After biking about 125 miles in a grueling 5-hour 8-minute 36-second stretch, the least you could do is kiss Vincenzo Nibali on the cheek to congratulate him on his Stage 2 win in the Tour de France. Not this lady, though. She swiftly rejected the Italian cyclist when he leaned in for the European double-cheek kiss.

Maybe she had a cold?

Either way, Nibali didn’t dwell on any hurt feelings he might have experienced because he finished with the pack during Stage 3 today to keep his top position and continue to wear the yellow jersey.

Marissa Payne writes for The Early Lead, a fast-breaking sports blog, where she focuses on what she calls the “cultural anthropological” side of sports, aka “mostly the fun stuff.” She is also an avid WWE fan.
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Marissa Payne · July 7, 2014