Cleveland company offers 1 percent stake to LeBron James if he returns to Cavaliers

(James Douglas Studio, Cleveland)

If a multimillion-dollar contract isn’t enough to lure LeBron James back to the Cavaliers, perhaps a 1 percent stake in Cleveland start-up will.

Phenom, which is set to launch a mobile app for athletes that allows them to “show off their style and hustle,” is doing just that.

“We’re serious about the 1 percent if his team reaches out, but more importantly we feel very strongly about what his return would mean to start-ups and the overall business community,” co-founder Brian Verne said via e-mail to Crain’s Cleveland Business.

To sweeten the deal even more, Verne and his staff also painted a big ol’ mural on the roof above the Phenom’s offices (above), lauding the “Return of the King.” Who can say no to that?

So whaddya say, LeBron? Are you in?

The city of Cleveland -- and NBA fans across the country -- are abuzz over the possibility that the city's prodigal son, basketball star LeBron James, might return to the Cavaliers. PostTV takes a look back to 2010, when Cleveland fans were singing a much different tune. (Gillian Brockell, Kate M. Tobey and Osman Malik/The Washington Post)
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