Seagull photobombs horse race’s photo finish

July 10, 2014

According to an official at the seaside track, this has “never happened before.” (Brighton Racecourse via Facebook)

In the 7:10 race Tuesday at England’s Brighton Racecourse, Bejewelled won by a neck. Over a seagull, who was absolutely flying down the stretch.

From an account by BBC Sport:

Racecourse spokesman George Hill said: “We are about a mile and a half from the sea, and there are a lot of seagulls around, but this has never happened before as far as we are aware.
“The bird just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”
Lee McKenzie, who provided notes on the race for the Racing Post, said: “Some racegoers thought the seagull should have been awarded second place.
“It flew home up the final stretch and clearly beat the next horse by a long beak. Pity it wasn’t the next race on the card (7.40), won by Byrd In Hand from Hawk Moth, with another flyer Abigails Angel third.”

Next up for the seagull: a trip to the U.S. to compete in the Kentucky Birdy and the Beakness Stakes.

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