World Cup soccer star Tim Howard makes marketing companies drool on new Adweek cover


U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard, who broke a tournament record this year by making 15 saves in a single match, is making marketing companies (and people who appreciate male physiques) drool with his Adweek magazine cover.

Howard, however, is doing his research before jumping into sponsorship deals. He told Adweek in an interview:

“It’s important that I’m a role model, and that the companies that I associate myself with feel the same way about their own images. Those are companies I’d like to be associated with. I try not to and I don’t think I ever have just jumped at any opportunity because a company wanted me. Just because there was money on the table doesn’t mean that I took it.”

Already the star, who plays for the Premier League’s Everton club, has appeared in multiple campaigns, including those with high-profile companies Nike, Allstate, Gatorade, and marketing experts say that list can grow — by a lot.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt he could earn a few million dollars in the next couple months,” Jim Andrews, a senior VP at the sponsorship consultancy IEG told AdAge earlier this month. “If he wanted, he could probably have space until the NFL season starts in September.”

Marissa Payne writes for The Early Lead, a fast-breaking sports blog, where she focuses on what she calls the “cultural anthropological” side of sports, aka “mostly the fun stuff.” She is also an avid WWE fan.
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