Dick Vitale loves Lionel Richie and he wants the whole world to know. Repeatedly.

July 15, 2014

Dick Vitale was dancing on the ceiling Monday night. (File photo, Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)

ESPN analyst Dick Vitale loves three things in life: shouting about college basketball, the Tampa Bay Rays and, apparently, Lionel Richie. However, after Monday night, the order of those three things might have to be re-arranged. Seeing Lionel Richie live in concert appears to have been a life-changing event.

Vitale is an avid user of Twitter, and his tweets read exactly as you imagine they would — full of exclamation marks and ALL CAPS, BABY. However, the Richie show Vitale took in Monday at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa (with special guest Cee-Lo!), moved Dickie V. to previously unimaginable heights of exuberance.

First, of course, Vitale got to do some meeting and greeting of the talent:

So far, fairly standard stuff, one celebrity getting photo-ops with a couple of others. Then the show began, as did a cavalcade of Vitale’s commentary. Get comfortable, because this is going to take some time.

That would be Dr. Steven Zeitels, a prominent surgeon specializing in throat and voice problems. And with that, Vitale was finally done tweeting for the night. Oh, except for one last thing:

Nowhere near as awesome, baby, as what you did.

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