Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a Mercedes to each member of Russia’s national hockey team

(Felipe Dana/AP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin may not have the best reputation when it comes to keeping his word in the political world, but when it comes to hockey, it seems the steely-eyed leader always delivers on his promises.

After Russia’s national hockey team took home a victory at the 2014 ice hockey world championship in Belarus in May, Putin promised to buy each member of the team a Mercedes, just as he did for all of Russia’s Olympic gold medalists. And that’s exactly what he did, according to the Russian sports news Web site,

Here’s Alexander Burmistrov’s, which the KHL star posted on Instagram.

Burmistrov captioned the photo with the words “Great gift.” The license plate, which translates to “Selection Russia” and also includes Burmistrov’s name indicates that he’s on the national team. Great gift, indeed.

(H/t: Reddit)

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