Players in FIFA 15 video game to have 600 in-game emotions

(EA Sports photo)

EA Sports will release FIFA 15, the latest version of its wildly successful soccer video game, on Sept. 23 in North America and Sept. 26 in Europe. Until then, fans of the game will have to settle for dribs and drabs of information about the game’s latest advances. This one, as teased in an EA Sports YouTube and summarized by Brooks Peck of Yahoo’s Dirty Tackle blog, seems pretty sweet.

Here’s Peck:

According to the video above, each player will have individual emotions towards every other player within a match. Teammates will encourage each other after near misses and grow frustrated with someone who repeatedly puts the ball in row Z. Late winners will be celebrated by the whole team in 10-player animations and there are 600 emotional player animations to give matches a more life-like feel.

Perhaps even better is the fact that fans will finally be given more unique personalities from stadium to stadium. Chants will be determined by club, league or region, meaning Liverpool fans will sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and Man City fans will do the Poznan.

In case you’re curious, the Poznan “involves supporters standing with their backs to the pitch, linking shoulders side-by-side and jumping on the spot in unison,” per Wikipedia.

It looks like this:

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