Cubs sue fake mascot for, among other things, getting into a bar brawl

July 20, 2014

This is Clark, the official Cubs mascot, who is not known to have punched anyone at a bar. (John Konstantaras/AP Images for Morton Salt)

In this day and age of sports franchises essentially serving as billion-dollar branding vehicles, it’s not a surprise that the Cubs would sue some people who’ve been roaming around Wrigley Field as unauthorized team mascots. Especially after the team rolled out its own official mascot, Clark (cute? Terrifying? You decide!), just this year. And especially with the unauthorized mascot, BillyCub, attempting to profit by asking people for tips.

Oh, and one of the guys who plays BillyCub was featured in a viral video showing him punching another guy in a bar. That might have been (translation: definitely was) the last straw for Cubs executives. From an Associated Press report:

The team accuses those behind the fake mascot of demanding tips for photos, making “rude, profane and derogatory remarks and gesticulations,” and punching a man at a bar near the ballpark. The punch, which was caught on video, was posted on YouTube and was widely viewed. The Cubs say fans were confused and thought the official team mascot had thrown the punch instead.

Here is the YouTube video, which has been seen over 400,00 times (and does contain some profanity):

And here is a report which has two of the men who portray BillyCub giving their sides of the story, courtesy of the CBS Chicago affiliate:

I hope you stuck with that video long enough to hear the reporter tell the news anchors, “Yeah, he kind of lost his head over this whole thing.” Zing!


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