105-year-old woman threw out first pitch at Padres game, is better than 50 Cent

(EPA photo)

In between bridge and bingo sessions at her retirement home in Oceanside, Calif., Agnes McKee would stretch her throwing arm to stay limber for her big day. On Sunday, McKee threw out the first pitch at the Padres-Mets game in San Diego.

Oh right, here’s the important part: She’s 105 years old, and her pitch at least was on target, as compared with some other, much more physically able celebrities we have seen.

McKee told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the first pitch was only the first step toward a greater goal.

Since moving to California 12 years ago to be near her daughter in Fallbrook, McKee has moved on to other passions and thrills. Weekly ballroom dancing in the dining room. Wii virtual bowling. Even indoor skydiving at age 101.

Her main goal now is to ditch her walker.

“My doctor said I would never walk (unassisted) again,” she said. “But I want to prove him wrong.”

She walks a mile around her building almost every day and participates in the retirement community’s morning exercise classes.

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