All this team of ninety-year-olds does is set records in track

July 22, 2014

Nice to know that you’re never too old to participate in a relay race. (Jasper Jacobs/AFP/Getty Images)

Charles Boyle is 90. Charles Ross is 91. Roy Englert is 91. Orville Rogers is 96, and Champion Goldy Sr. is 97. That’s 465 years on this planet among five men who came together to form one unprecedented track team.

The group arrived at Sunday’s USATF Masters Outdoor Championships and put the hammer down. They raced in three events and set a world record for their age group in every single one. Of course, that had a lot to do with the fact that there has never before been a team in their age group. But does that make it any less impressive?

According to a story in the Winston-Salem Journal, Ross, Englert and Boyle compete on an Atlanta track team. Ross had the idea to put the squad of nonagenarians together, and as he put it:

“When I first heard it had never been done before, I said, ‘Why not do it and get some world records?,’ ” he said.

Footage of four of the men competing in the 4×100 relay can be found here. Now this is an “I Love the 90s” show I can get behind.

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