University of Texas media guide misspelled ‘Texas’

July 24, 2014

First-year Texas coach Charlie Strong gives the “hook ’em horns” sign while his players raise their helmets after the Orange and White spring game in Austin. (Michael Thomas/Associated Press)

Some typos are more horrendous than others. Anyone can make a mistake, but when you work for the University of Texas, it is pretty important to spell “Texas” correctly. Especially when your typo shows up in a media guide. On every other page.

That’s one “Texsa”-sized typo.

The Longhorns’ media guide appears to have been fixed, but not before many chuckled at an earlier version which encouraged readers to check out “”

Inevitably, an Oklahoma fan moved quickly to register the domain name A visit there reveals the Longhorns’ logo with the Sooners’ “OU” superimposed over it, plus the message, “OU IS BETTER THAN TEXAS. LEARN TO SPELL PLEASE, HRONS.”

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