Yadier Molina serves his brother crackers on a plate — home plate

July 24, 2014

Brothers Yadier, left, and Jose, shown earlier this season, before Yadier injured his thumb. (Mike Carlson/Associated Press)

Yesterday, we saw LeBron James tell his neighbors “Sorry about that” by sending them cupcakes. It’s unclear what, exactly, Yadier Molina was trying to tell his brother Jose tonight, but he chose to say it with crackers.

Jose was in St. Louis to play catcher for his Rays, while Yadier was sidelined with a thumb injury, so maybe Jose should have been the one sending the pick-me-up. As it happened, TV cameras caught Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo putting a couple of packs of peanut butter-filled cheese crackers on home plate, then showed Yadier laughing and motioning for his brother to take them.

Sure enough, Jose gratefully accepted the offering and put the crackers in his back pocket.

(courtesy of raysindex.com)

No word yet on whether Jose ate the crackers, or what that was all about. We do know that Jose went 1 for 4 with three strikeouts. However, his Rays beat the Cards, 3-0, so he must have called a pretty good game. Add in a hand-delivered snack from his younger brother, and I’d say Jose had a pretty successful evening.

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