Coaches poke much-appreciated fun at shirtless colleagues

July 29, 2014

Duke’s David Cutcliffe, right, talks to North Carolina’s Larry Fedora before a Nov. 2013 game. Fedora was presumably wearing a shirt under that jacket. (Gerry Broome/Associated Press)

We get it: it’s summer, you’re at the beach or at a pool, the weather’s warm, so you take your shirt off. Still, one couldn’t help but detect a bit of an arms race — make that abs race — this week among a couple of prominent college football coaches. And a couple of their colleagues noticed, as well, leading to a delightful shot.

First, this image of  North Carolina’s Larry Fedora made the rounds.

Whoa, hunk alert! That clearly got the attention of college football’s resident studmuffin, Kliff Kingsbury, or at least someone interested in defending his turf. Shortly after the Fedora picture went viral, the Outkick the Coverage blog published a photo of Kingsbury it said it had just received in response. That poolside pic, too, received its share of attention. 

As it happened, Duke Coach David Cutcliffe and N.C. State’s Dave Doeren were spending time together today, both making the rounds of ESPN’s campus in Bristol, Conn. Along the way, someone had the brilliant idea to have them pose for this magnificent rebuttal:

Well played, gentlemen. And excellent color coordination!

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