Spurs stop Manu Ginobli from playing in FIBA World Cup

(REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian)

Argentina has yet another reason to be bummed about its national team.

This time, it doesn’t involve Lionel Messi play or his debt, but basketball star Manu Ginobli. The 37-year-old Spurs guard is not being allowed to play in the upcoming FIBA World Cup.

Why? Because Gregg Popovich said so.

Last week, Argentina’s team doctor said that the MRI exam results from Ginobli’s stress fracture in his right leg were inconclusive. Ginobli suffered the injury during last year’s NBA Finals.

Ginobli may not have played anyway, given the precarious state of the national team and Argentinean NBA players Luis Scola and Andres Nocioni voicing their frustrations.

SB Nation’s Pounding the Rock blog covered the story in detail and one of the highlights from its story regarded the team’s debt:

“There is a crippling amount of debt involved. How much is still not quite known, and it won’t be known until an audit — which Zanna has promised — is completed. The power vacuum and internal problems got so bad that the national team that was set to compete in the FIBA Americas Tournament that’s (currently being held in Venezuela) had to do no-contact practices because they were uninsured.”

Thomas Johnson is a reporter.
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