Oregon makes its football tickets scratch-and-sniff this season

Ex-University of Oregon running back LaMichael James celebrates after getting a first down in 2011. (Beck Diefenbach/Reuters)

UPDATE: The University of Oregon answered all our pressing questions, including how many scents will be on the tickets, as well as what they’ll smell like. See below.


The University of Oregon is no stranger to weird marketing ploys when it comes to making its football program stand out. Besides the uniforms, the tickets always seem to have a little something extra going on, too. From foil designs to textured paper to holograms, what’s next? Scratch-and-sniff? Um, yes, actually.

It doesn’t look like duck will be the primary scent, however. No, judging from that tweet, it looks like hamburger is on the menu instead, as the game is sponsored by Carl’s Jr. But it won’t be the meat that you’ll be smelling, says Craig Pintens of the University of Oregon, it’ll be the bread.

“Originally, we wanted different scents on the tickets, but [the manufacturers] said if we did that, it would cause all the smells to mix and be a potpourri of yuck,” Pintens said.

And so, the Carl’s Junior bread scent they all shall be. If you get your hands (and olfactory system) on these new Oregon season tickets, let us know what you think of the gimmick.

(H/t: Extra Mustard)

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