Mets fans keep trolling Hunter Pence; he keeps helping Giants win

August 5, 2014

San Francisco’s Hunter Pence past Mets relief pitcher Jeurys Familia to score on a wild pitch in Monday’s win over New York. (Kathy Kmonicek/Associated Press)

The Giants played the last of a four-game set against the Mets on Monday, and the New York fans who have made an art form out of gently mocking San Francisco outfielder Hunter Pence were back. However, so was Pence’s bat.

This time, the fans who previously had clued the world in on factoids such as “Hunter Pence can’t parallel park” had a slew of Pence-related faux trivia.


Their arsenal included gems like “Hunter Pence brings 13 items to the express lane” and “Hunter Pence thinks Game of Thrones is just OK.” Unfortunately for the Mets and all of their fans … Pence had a double and a triple with two runs scored today, as his Giants won, 4-3. That made him 6 for 18, all six extra-base hits, in a series San Francisco took from New York, 3-1. And, yes, that’s a photo of a Post-it note I scribbled on. Hey, it’s no lamer than the effort of these two bros:

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