Turns out, lots of folks wanted to #AskJameis about crab legs

August 10, 2014

Jameis Winston searches for teammates to interview, presumably not about crab legs, during Florida State’s media day on Sunday. (Phil Sears/Associated Press)

On Sunday morning, Florida State football’s Twitter account solicited questions for the team’s star quarterback Jameis Winston.

The team will select some of the questions for Winston to answer later this week. Chances are, they won’t be selecting any of the over 5,000 tweets (out of over 27,000) that contained both “#askjameis” and “crab.” Which would only be fair, as they were specifically pitching their query to ‘Noles fans, a group that presumably includes very few of the trolls only too happy to remind the school of Winston’s April citation for shoplifting crab legs from a Publix grocery store.

However, just because FSU won’t be highlighting any of the tweets that refereed to Winston’s five-fingered discount on crustaceans, that doesn’t mean no one should. In fact, as a Publix public service, here are just a few:

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