Michael Vick might be the Jets’ Wildcat quarterback

(Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)

Remember the Wildcat, the gimmicky formation that the Miami Dolphins mainstreamed, before promptly running it into the ground?

Well, Rex Ryan and his New York Jets appear to be bringing it back, spending an entire period of practice running Wildcat plays.

As awkward as it feels to include Michael Vick’s name in the same sentence as an animal-inspired formation, the 34-year-old is a solid fit for such a change-of-pace wrinkle.

“You’re trying to win the game. If you think that’s the best thing for your team, then absolutely you’ll consider it,” Ryan told ESPN after practice this week.

Vick showed that he’s still faster than most quarterbacks in the league during the preseason, even though Ryan understands that Vick running will be a situational decision based on the defense, especially after losing Mark Sanchez due to a season-ending injury last preseason.

Ryan added: “I’m probably a little more aware of it than I was before. It wasn’t like Michael Strahan was out there, so I thought it would be all right, but it does make you think a little bit.

Thomas Johnson is a reporter.
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