Jon Lester ends Royals winning streak

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Lester did it again.

The Kansas City Royals played their first game as division leaders, riding an eight-game winning streak, only to again be foiled by Lester. The Royals are 11-2 in their last 13 games, but both losses came against the Oakland A’s recently-acquired ace. Lester has won all three of his starts since joining Oakland.

Still, Royals fans were not deterred, as the team is on pace for its second winning season in 11 seasons and looking to improve on last season’s 86-76 record — which left them in third-place in the AL Central, missing the postseason.

The Royals are still in first place, but with the slimmest of leads, owning just a half-game lead on the other team that went trade line pitcher shopping— the Detroit Tigers.

Fortunately for Kansas City, the Royals don’t face Lester and the A’s for the rest of the regular season, although they still have two series with the Tigers next month, which could wind up determining the division.  

Thomas Johnson is a reporter.
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