Michael Vick has some smart advice for Ray Rice

August 13, 2014

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Michael Vick knows a thing or two about image repair and the New York Jets quarterback has some sage words of advice for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was suspended for two games because of an ugly domestic incident over the winter.

“I think the most important thing that you can do is to try to make amends for what you’ve done,” Vick, who was suspended for two full seasons and served time in a federal prison for his role in a dogfighting ring, told NJ.com. “I think you have to show people that you’re trying to help yourself and bring awareness to that situation to help others, to prevent it. You’ve got to become an advocate.”

After his release from prison, Vick was embraced by Tony Dungy and the Philadelphia Eagles, who helped him return to the league. He took other steps to repair his image, speaking out against animal abuse. Rice, in a press conference, said that he and his wife would like to reach out to victims of domestic abuse and play in a role in increasing awareness about domestic abuse.

“You’ve got to continue to make amends,” Vick said. “Once you start something, you can never go back. I feel like I’ve become an advocate of animal welfare, and I think I have to continue that. It’s all about keeping kids 15 years from now from doing the same. We’ve saved a lot of kids, and we’ve saved a lot of animals. That’s how I feel. Ray will make it right. He’ll do everything he can to make this situation whole again.”

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