Stephen Curry says he’s a better offensive player than LeBron James

August 13, 2014

Can LeBron James do this? What? He can? (Jason Decrow / AP Images for Degree)

Stephen Curry was asked an interesting question on “The Dan Patrick Show” and he gave an equally interesting answer.

Who, he was asked, is the better offensive player: Four-time NBA MVP LeBron James or himself? This intriguing conversation followed:

Curry: “Better offensive player — me or LeBron? That’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that question. Um, Me. [Laughs.] It’s gotta be, right?”

Patrick: “I don’t know. I assume you would think you’re a pure shooter. He can score. You can, too, but I think — you know what? — the correct answer is probably: LeBron is a better scorer, but I think you’re the better shooter. How’s that?”

Curry: “I don’t know. He obviously demands a lot of attention on the floor, but I like to say I can distribute, get my teammates involved and be a playmaker as well.”

Patrick [interrupting]: “What about just putting points up? What about points? What if I said, ‘You go out and score as many as you want in a game and LeBron goes out’ — who scores more?”

Curry: “I would like to say my shot would help in that situation. If I get a double team, I can hopefully shoot from farther out.”

Let’s compare the two. Curry did average more assists, 8.5-to-6.4 and had 261 three-pointers compared to James’ 116. Curry also shot 42.4 percent from the three-point line (James shot 37.9). James led Curry in two category, though. James averaged 27.1 points per game and shot 56.7 percent from the field; Curry — points per game. Curry averaged 24 points on 47.1 percent shooting.

Maybe now we know why James is dropping all that weight. He wants to be Steph Curry.

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