Today Show’s Matt Lauer does ‘Woooo Pig Sooie!’ Arkansas fan is not amused.

(Associated Press)

Newscasters from KARK-TV in Little Rock paid a visit to the Today Show on Tuesday, and they were bearing gifts from Arkansas.

Naturally, there is video of Matt Lauer calling the hogs — TM: Arkansas — while wearing that hat.

Writing for Arkansas Fight, the Razorbacks’ SB Nation site, Drew Angel takes issue with Lauer’s less-than-enthusiastic rendering of the Hog Call.

Thirdly, stand up Matt.  Just stand up. I understand sitting is easier – I totally get it and will go as far as to say that sitting is one of my favorite things, but people who sit when doing the Hog Call aren’t okay. Sitting when you call the Hogs is like littering or being a Yankee fan.  Sure it’s easier but at the end of the day it’s a garbage move and anyone who does it can’t be trusted.

Now THIS is how you call the hogs:

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