Michael Sam saves fan who made an impossible bet on Twitter over Johnny Manziel

August 25, 2014

Michael Sam’s money moment. (Getty Images)

Over the weekend, a Twitter enthusiast who is either the unluckiest or most clairvoyant fan ever tweeted a proclamation about Michael Sam vs. Johnny Manziel in a preseason game.

On Saturday morning, he boldly promised that “if Michael Sam sacks Johnny Football & gives the money sign, drinks are on me. For everyone in the world. Forever.”

About 14 hours later, the guy who’s trying to make the St. Louis Rams’ final roster sacked the Cleveland Browns’ No. 2 quarterback, the money sign ensued and it was put-up time.

The world, or at least the part of it on Twitter or devoted to a St. Louis Rams-Cleveland Browns preseason game on a Saturday night, decided to cash in because, hey, free drinks for life!

Clearly, there had to be a way out of this, right? How about playing the “betterment of society” card and offering to pony up some cash for Sam’s favorite charity?

It was a pretty sweet offer and it prompted a pretty great response from Sam.

The Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis ended up a winner, much to Sam’s delight.

After spending most of her career in traditional print sports journalism, Cindy began blogging and tweeting, first as NFL/Redskins editor, and, since August 2010, at The Early Lead. She also is the social media editor for Sports.
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