We have a new candidate for Worst First Pitch

August 27, 2014

Houston’s George Springer and mascot Orbit await a ceremonial first pitch Tuesday night. It didn’t quite get there. (Bob Levey/Getty Images)

It may have lacked the star power of 50 Cent’s effort (in fact, I am failing to discover who this person was, which is probably for the best). But the ceremonial opening pitch served up tonight by a young woman in Houston also lacked the respectable distance that Fiddy’s wayward toss at least managed.

It’s hard to envision another first pitch ever coming up quite so short. But at least the Astros fan got an autograph from Houston star George Springer and a hug from the mascot, Orbit, out of it. That should more than make up for the unflattering reviews of her arm talent she’ll receive.


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