The Thunder forward, rehabbing from foot surgery, has only recently been able to work up a proper sweat.

Gregg Popovich is probably shimmying from excitement.

The Kings are making an expensive gamble on the player who had major problems last season.

The big man leaves Clippers saying he wants to be more of an offensive focal point. Good luck with that in Dallas.

It will the first time a woman has done so in the NBA

All the latest news and rumors as teams race to the free agent finish line.

The flashy former point guard schools opponents at a pro-am event.

The Weber State product was the NBA's rookie of the year in 2013, but who will he play with next season?

The Miami star had opted out of his contract, looking for a multi-year deal, but he'll 'settle' for a $4 million raise and a chance to try again in next year's even more cash-rich free agent market.

Ellis is said to have turned down a deal worth more with the Sacramento Kings.

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