Mike Zimmer speaks bluntly, as the standoff between Minnesota and the disgruntled running back continues.

Another sign that the running back really does not want to play for the Vikings anymore.

The running back is from a nearby town in Texas, and he had previously said he felt 'uneasy' about returning to the Vikings.

The running back speaks extensively about his unhappiness with the way many in the organization and elsewhere in the state treated him after his child-abuse scandal.

Rick Spielman speaks glowingly about the suspended running back.

In an interview with USA Today, the running back expresses remorse in his first extensive comments since his child-abuse scandal broke.

Super-agent Ben Dogra gets let go by CAA, leaving a who's-who of football stars with a major decision to make on their representation.

The Vikings running back will need official authorization to see the son he beat, if Minnesota's Hennepin County court petition is heeded.

A Montgomery County prosecutor tells the press that the grand jury found Peterson's beating of his four-year-old child to be 'not reasonable.'

The Falcons wide receiver bemoaned the fate of his fantasy team.

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