Burger joint’s take on classic Iverson rant: ‘We’re talkin’ about NAPKINS, man’

Not a burger. Napkins.

Why wouldn’t Allen Iverson want to coach? ‘We would never practice!’

The Answer offers one of the best answers in the history of answers.

Woman posts photo with unknown celebrity who happens to be Allen Iverson

It's safe to say that she now knows who he is.

Allen Iverson officially retires: “It was a great ride”

Basketball great says the "passion is still there, the desire to play is just not."

LeBron James on Allen Iverson: “Pound-for-pound, probably the greatest player”

Former 76ers, Georgetown star will be honored at official retirement tonight at 76ers-Heat game.

Allen Iverson to officially retire Oct. 30, reports say

Former Georgetown, Philadelphia 76ers star hasn't played in the NBA since 2010.

Allen Iverson to announce retirement, report says

"The Answer" is expected to make his departure from the game official this week.

Allen Iverson denies abducting his children (video)

Former star says, "I ain't never treated fairly. Don't expect to be."

Allen Iverson turns down D-League

He still hopes to return to the NBA, though.

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