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The Knicks star becomes an investor in the NASL, which is just a rung below MLS.

Well, he's not busy with the NBA playoffs, so why not?

If nothing else, it certainly changed the subject from how badly he played.

The Knicks forward thinks the team's episodes of racial insensitivity have made it anathema to potential free agents.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Carmelo Anthony will stay with the Knicks under a max contract -- $129 million over five years.

Knicks' Raymond Felton also suffers an injury ahead of the NBA's big day of hoops.

Third knee procedure in less than a year is a surprise, but forward says he'll be ready after training camp.

Treatment for the Knicks forward will first involve rest.

Return to Denver is ruined as Anthony returns to New York.

Knicks outscore Cavs 72-45 after Anthony goes out in second quarter.

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