As Johnny Manziel enters rehab, Snickers ‘Johnny JamBoogie’ ads disappear from air

The spandex-clad "Johnny JamBoogie" won't be seen leading any aerobics classes for a while.

Johnny Manziel reportedly has drinks thrown at him at a nightclub

Yet another partying-related incident for the embattled player, who had vowed to take his quarterbacking job more seriously.

Johnny Manziel denies party report, wants to stop ‘looking like a jackass’

His career depends on whether he can grow up.

Johnny Manziel vows to take playing quarterback ‘a lot more seriously’

The quarterback indicates to the media that he needs to prove to the Browns that he is fully committed to getting better.

Rex Grossman can’t replace Johnny Manziel because he ‘has whole family in for holiday’

Another great moment in Browns history.

Johnny Manziel’s 22nd birthday cake was deliciously ridiculous

Think money. Tasty, tasty money.

Marvin Lewis apologizes for calling Johnny Manziel a ‘midget’

The Bengals coach adds fuel to what could be a raging fire if the Browns quarterback, as expected, gets his first NFL start this week against Cincinnati.

Tiger Woods blew off a young Johnny Manziel’s autograph request

Real nice, Eldrick.

Johnny Manziel tweeted a phone number to all his followers

He probably meant for that to be a direct message. Oops.

College football snapshots: Johnny Manziel pleads with Alabama to ‘make it stop’

The former Texas A&M QB cringes at his school's rout, and other memorable moments.

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