What’s the verdict on Armstrong’s interview with Oprah?

View Photo Gallery —Cycling legend admits he doped to win all seven Tour de France races but said at the time he “viewed it as a level playing field.” Now you’ve heard what Lance Armstrong has had to say to Oprah Winfrey. He admitted to doping, he would like to compete again and he’s troubled, […]

Oprah finishes up with, duh, a bit of forgiveness

If Oprah Winfrey was hammering Lance Armstrong last night on the details of when and where and how he cheated, tonight she’s wrapping it up with the other Oprah, the one you’d tell your secrets to and makes you sniffle. Yep, we’ve seen this before. Last night, @oprah was a prosecutor with a target in […]

No one knew the full truth of Armstrong’s doping

View Photo Gallery —Cycling legend admits he doped to win all seven Tour de France races but said at the time he “viewed it as a level playing field.” Lance Armstrong says that neither his ex-wife Kristin and Anna Hansen, his long-time girlfriend, knew the full truth about his doping. Armstrong did apparently ask his […]

$75 million…gone. “And probably never coming back.” Gulp.

Armstrong places a monetary figure on what he lost when sponsors like Nike dropped him immediately after he was banned and stripped of his Tour de France titles and it’s staggering. “I’ve certainly lost all future income….I’m going to give you a number. You could look at the two days or the day and a […]

About that “death penalty” remark…

If there’s one thing that’s a lightning rod so far, it’s Armstrong’s comment that he got the “death penalty” when he was banned from competition for life. The ban means that he can’t compete in sanctioned triathlons and marathons, which is what he wants to do. He isn’t happy that other dopers have gotten suspensions […]

Armstrong: “I’ve had a messy life”

This will come as no surprise given his talk of “the process,” but Armstrong says he is in therapy and admits he has been for years, on and off. “This is heavy and this is messy and it’s not something that I can sit with you and leave and say, ‘we’re all good.’ Over the […]

The new Armstrong says the old Armstrong is “still there”

Lance Armstrong beats himself up and says “it’s sick” as he watches video of himself talking about the “faith that people have put in him over the years” and knows he has let hundreds of millions of people down. Who is that guy? “That is a guy who felt invinceable, was told he was invinceable […]

“Disgraced” becomes part of Armstrong’s name

Lance Armstrong tells Oprah that “of course” he feels disgraced. And humbled and ashamed. “This is ugly stuff.” Last night, he said he looked up the work “cheating” in the dictionary. Perhaps he should check out “disgrace,” too. Saying that Nike dropping his sponsorship was his first big humbling moment probably isn’t going to get […]

Jose Canseco sticks up for Armstrong

Energetic tweeter Jose Canseco offered a good word for Lance Armstrong, probably one of the few he’s heard today. Submitted without further comment: Lance Armstrong did more good for the sport than bad. He brought that sport out of obscurity. He also made people greatly aware of cancer — Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) January 19, 2013 […]