Deshorn Brown was not ashamed to pay homage to a soccer superstar.

The Barcelona superstar tops the 60-year-old mark en route to a hat trick.

When you're as good as Messi, who's just two goals shy of an all-time La Liga record, you can do what you want.

The Barcelona superstar gets in the face of a Malaga defender, who more than returns the favor.

The soccer superstar could find himself testifying in court about questionable financial dealings.

Barcelona star has been bothered by leg injuries throughout this year.

He'll also miss two of Argentina's World Cup qualifiers with a thigh injury.

"Football in your pants" gets a run for its money from an island called FC Barcelona.

Barcelona's coach and Lionel Messi deny that he was playing in a meaningless game because he's gunning to break the record for goals in a calendar year.