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Charlotte takes back Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes in exchange for the disgruntled guard.

"Then, with, like, six minutes left to go in the game, I looked up and you were gone."

The former Lakers great trolls the 'other' Los Angeles NBA team after it choked away a playoff series against the Rockets.

The Clippers guard turns to a Will Ferrell movie in order to express the frustration of a Game 7 loss to the Rockets.

The all-star point guard -- who has never had great success in the playoffs -- shrugged off a hamstring pull to hit a game-winning shot over Tim Duncan.

Who says the Clippers get no help from their bench?

Kermit got pretty excited, probably because it was Griffin's first game back after a 15-game absence due to elbow surgery.

Lauren Holtkamp handed the Clippers two technical fouls during a third-quarter sequence in which the team got four overall, plus an ejection of Matt Barnes.

The Clippers head honcho will become the first in NBA history to coach his own son.

What bandwagon? Miami fans make themselves heard on the West Coast.

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