The Jets quarterback sticks up for the NFL commissioner who suspended, then reinstated, Vick.

The 34-year-old Jets quarterback shows off his speed in a preseason game.

Week 8 featured Johnson's 329 receiving yards, the 8-0 Kansas City Chiefs and numerous injuries.

The list, from Forbes.com, is quarterback-heavy and has a surprise at No. 2.

You've never seen two NFL quarterbacks express more love for one another than these two.

Vick suffered a hamstring injury against the New York Giants on Sunday. A injury update will be released Wednesday.

Nick Foles filled in ably when quarterback was injured in second quarter Sunday.

His new team is 3-0 and rolling. Michael Vick and his old team are struggling under Chip Kelly.

Philly's offense, with a punishing pace and running game, is lightning fast.

Just what kind of up-tempo game Chip Kelly has in mind will be revealed on "Monday Night Football."

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