Jeanie Buss “stunned” that Jim Buss didn’t hire Phil Jackson

Bad feelings linger over Jim Buss's decision to go with Mike Da'Antoni.

Lakers turmoil continues; could they miss the playoffs?

Playoffs? Playoffs??? The team slips to its fifth straight loss and a 15-20 record.

Kobe Bryant frustrated at Lakers “finding ways to lose”

There's no love from Magic Johnson or, at this point, anyone else for a Lakers team that is foundering.

Mike D’Antoni is 1-0 as Los Angeles Lakers coach

Mike D'Antoni makes his debut and the Los Angeles Lakers win with a performance that isn't his usual style.

Mike D’Antoni to make Lakers debut tonight

Mike D'Antoni says he'll coach his first game with the Los Angeles Lakers tonight against the Brooklyn Nets.

Mike D’Antoni will make Lakers debut Tuesday, report says

Mike D'Antoni has had a delayed debut as Los Angeles Lakers' coach because he's recovering from knee-replacement surgery.

Lakers’ new coach is happy, but what about Phil Jackson?

Mike D'Antoni isn't saying much about how and why he got the Lakers' job over Phil Jackson.

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