Brad Keselowski also makes an appearance, delivering the film's tagline, 'Oh hell no!'

The four-time champion 'can't believe' that there was no SAFER barrier in place.

The driver, who first broke onto the NASCAR circuit at age 18 and then struggled, wins its biggest prize at the age of 24.

The popular driver gives NASCAR a superstar-studded trio at the front of the Daytona 500 starting pack.

Good news, NASCAR fans: Earnhardt said he could see himself driving for another decade.

In the least surprising news ever, he wins his 12th straight award for being the Sprint Cup's fan favorite.

Don't worry, there were no injuries, except perhaps to the pride of Dale Jr.'s girlfriend.

Don't try this at home, especially if your home has cars doing 200 mile-per-hour laps around it.

Son of famed racer, who was killed in a 2001 Daytona 500 crash, supports return of the number to racing.

McNabb had questioned whether drivers were athletes; MJ had joked about having only five titles.

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