Russell Westbrook sets NBA All-Star Game record for points in a half

The Thunder guard goes off for 27 points in less than 12 minutes of playing time.

Kevin Durant profanely expresses disdain for the media

The Thunder superstar has been unusually combative this season, saying he's 'done' with being 'politically correct.'

We can’t tell you what Kevin Durant said, but we can tell you he had a fantastic game

The Thunder superstar was unstoppable against the Nuggets, even if he had a potty mouth.

Thunder enjoy record-setting first half despite possibly the worst free throw ever

Even with an amazing airball, Oklahoma City drops 79 points on Orlando.

Tone Loc brought the funky ‘old’ Medina during halftime of Thunder-Rockets game

The rapper reminded the Houston crowd that 1989 was a long time ago.

Kevin Durant returns and scores all the points for the Thunder

Okay, not quite all. But he scored more points than any NBA player ever did who had just missed as many games as he did, and his team needed almost all of them.

Russell Westbrook gets into a scuffle with Alex Len, then gets ejected

It was a busy first half for the Thunder guard -- too bad he had to sit out the rest of the game.

Russell Westbrook, Thunder throw it down on LeBron James-less Cavs

Oklahoma City is in no position to show mercy, and it doesn't.

Kevin Durant returns to Thunder’s lineup, but he doesn’t bring a win with him

Reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant plays well in his season debut after a foot injury, but a loss to New Orleans drops his team's record to 5-13.

Russell Westbrook returns for Oklahoma City Thunder, is immediately awesome

Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook wastes no time in putting up dominant stats against the Knicks in his first game after breaking his right hand.

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