The Thunder forward, rehabbing from foot surgery, has only recently been able to work up a proper sweat.

The Thunder star, coming off an injury-riddled season, shows no mercy while providing several youngsters with memorable moments.

On the last day of the regular season, the Thunder guard didn't get what he really wanted -- a spot in the playoffs.

On his way to 54 points Sunday night, the Thunder guard hoisted the most shots since the Mamba himself in 2008.

The Thunder's do-everything guard will have to sit out a must-win game if the tech is not rescinded.

The NBA's current triple-double king was able to make quite the assist.

No man will be spared.

Against the Heat, the Thunder guard gets his 10 triple-double, the most since Jason Kidd's 13 seven seasons ago.

The Thunder guard shrugs off a facial fracture to rack up his fourth straight triple-double, something even LeBron James has never done.

The Thunder guard goes off for 27 points in less than 12 minutes of playing time.

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