Would the team prefer to give backup Brock Osweiler the starting job?

The quarterback pitched in with the last-ever 'Top 10' list.

The Broncos quarterback sidestepped questions about his Patriots counterpart's role in Deflategate.

The Broncos quarterback is set to work out in New Orleans with renowned fitness expert Mackie Shilstone.

The legendary athletes are set to join a massive, all-star cast.

The 38-year-old quarterback had left the door open to retirement following a difficult end to the season.

The legendary quarterback is 38 and appears to have lost considerable arm strength. On the other hand, he might want to go out on a less sour note.

It wasn't the best night for the Broncos quarterback.

It also helps to be a quarterback (duh), in making the NFL's top 50 in merchandise sales. Being a Titan is not quite as helpful.

The league slaps the legendary quarterback with a fine after his first-ever taunting penalty.

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