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That conviction had been the only victory won against the former slugger by the U.S. government in a years-long pursuit over suspicions of using illegal performance enhancing drugs.

The star pitcher saddled up in his team's home opener.

The Giants right fielder, who was hit by a pitch during a spring training game, will leave a hole in the team's batting order.

No, it wasn't a shirt-off-his back type of situation.

For some, the World Series victory celebration in San Francisco ended on a bit of a sour note.

A giant version of the Stars and Stripes that was unfurled at AT&T Park failed to hold together.

And we can mean that a couple of different ways. Including, yes, the icky way.

According to an ESPN poll, we are all Royals fans, at least for the next few days.

A magical sequence of events was set in motion by Frank Burke's decision to do something special for a cancer-stricken friend.

Previously powerless San Francisco rediscovers the long ball and slugs its way into the World Series

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