Obama gives firefighters some beer

September 4, 2012
Obama offers White House beer to firefighters. (David Nakamura, Washington Post)

President Obama is still peddling White House beer.

After speaking a rally at Norfolk State University, Obama made an unscheduled stop at the Norfolk Fire State No. 14, where Obama got out and spoke to three firefighters dressed in dark blue and their battalion chief in a white polo shirt. They spoke near the back of a fire truck. Obama shook hands and then told the men about the White House beer. He picked up a bottle of it. “The White House has been brewing its own beer. Have you heard about this?” The men did not appear to have heard.

Obama told them he had a whole case of the beer to give them, a mix of honey, regular and dark ale . One of the firefighters, presumably on duty, asked: “Should we wait until tomorrow to drink it?”

“I don’t want to get you into trouble with the chief,” Obama responded. He then spoke to the men about their facility and equipment for a few more minutes before leaving for the airport to return to Washington.

Obama's campaign trail beer bragging led to a petition drive for the recipe, which the White House has now posted online.

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