Occupy protesters march on DNC

September 4, 2012
Occupy protesters shout at police. (AP Photo)

An Occupy protest that blocked traffic at an intersection near the Democratic National Convention this afternoon has ended. The AP reports: 

The impasse was broken after two protesters spoke to Charlotte police chief and said they were told they could continue to walk as a group on public sidewalks. They then continued past the city’s convention center, where delegates had been attending some peripheral functions. [...] At one point, a group of delegates shouted “Four more years!” The marchers responded: “No more years!”

The 50 protesters were part of a larger group of about 200 members of the Occupy movement who marched towards the convention site from an encampment nearby. They did not have a permit or follow a designated parade route. 

Non-protesters were hustled away from the sit-in and onlookers were blocked from getting near the group by a wall of police officers. Buses ferrying delegates from their hotels to the convention site were rerouted; some were unable to take off

Meanwhile, a handful of anti-abortion protesters outside the convention center were quickly surrounded by Obama supporters chanting "Four more years!"

Kevin Merida and A.J. Chavar contributed to this report.

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