AP is considering its policy on ‘Redskins’

The nickname is an 'active topic' for the committee that rules on all manner of language issues.

Watch the March 1977 Alexandra de Mohrenschildt interview by Bill O’Reilly

Short clip apparently comes from the day after the suicide of a figure in the investigation of JFK's assassination.

Fox News stays mum on misogyny-condoning weekend morning host Tucker Carlson

Why wouldn't it want to distance itself from the actions of a morning co-host?

Jon Stewart honors Fox News for ‘that time you were right’

Key moment: Megyn Kelly says 'we' don't care about mainstream media.

Mike Allen’s ‘Spotted’ feature mis-spots Wall Street Journal staffer

Who does the spotting in "Spotted"?

Buckley Carlson’s former employer asks LinkedIn to ‘get our name off the page’

Kelton would prefer not to be represented as the current employer of sender of nasty, sexist e-mail.

Oops — We inventoried Tucker Carlson’s low point one week too soon

Before the Daily Caller editor is complicit in a misogynistic attack on spokeswoman.

MSNBC guest: ‘Nothing says “Let’s go kill some Muslims” like country music.’

Luckily for the network, its host renounced the comment almost in real time.

Bergdahl desertion charge: Vindication for Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, NBC News

Reported in January that desertion charge was likely.

Vanity Fair duped by satirical article in Penn student newspaper

Gotta check things out!

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