CPAC attendees: Bill O’Reilly a victim of liberals

Tough finding anyone in the conference halls who'll say anything unpleasant about the longtime Fox News host

Fox News slashes Justice Department, Holder for exit interview stiff-arm

Outlet says that it's not surprised by the decision.

The massive lefty conspiracy against Bill O’Reilly

Hey, what do Media Matters, Mother Jones, Mia Fabius & WFAA-TV have in common?

Gun rights-advocating local Fox reporter has told different versions of ‘home invasion’

Differences matter to anyone seeking to lobby for gun control, or gun rights.

‘Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart challenges Fox News to a ‘lie-off’

And rips conservative America more broadly.

Fox News answers additional charges against Fox News host Bill O’Reilly

Network won't engage in back and forth over every claim.

Rachel Maddow on O’Reilly’s New York Times threat: How do Fox News’s ‘real reporters’ feel about that?

A question whose answer will be long in coming.

Fox affiliate discloses that its chief investigative reporter is a Second Amendment ‘proponent’

Will other reporters at the station have this privilege?

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart goes soft on Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly

Argentine newspaper archives on O’Reilly claims: Plenty of violence, no deaths

Do these details help or hinder the cable news giant?

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